What’s this wet stuff?

I got wet today.
I stuck my head out of the back door and there it was – rain; you remember, millions of tiny droplets of refreshing H2O cascading down onto the parched ground, exploding like little fizz-bang(?) grenades. My head was soon followed by the rest of me as I walked around the garden, soaking up this liquid phenomenon while getting soaked; a broad smile on my face.
I tried talking to the plants but they ignored me, their little faces staring upwards, collecting as much water as they could while they could. How soon they forget that Anne and I were the ones that watered them religiously while the grass was turning a browner shade of hay. Now not even a “Where’s your hosepipe, big boy?” from them. Mind you, the Sun’s come out again so they’ll soon be begging us for a life-saving drink.
The rain wasn’t the only thing that’s been cascading down this week. I had my seventh chemo and was told my PSA score has fallen to 58. Every cloud has a silver lining.

2 thoughts on “What’s this wet stuff?

  1. Anne Hysted August 22, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    Hello Eamonn, I’ve just been introduced to your blog by my husband, who also has incurable prostate cancer (diagnosed Oct 16) and is about to start Cabazitaxel next week, everything else having failed. He’s also 64, and my name is Anne too! I found your blog so inspiring and it has made me believe again that we can still enjoy what time we have left together.


    • yourenotputtingthatupthere August 26, 2018 / 3:10 pm

      Hello Anne, so glad to receive your comment. I just write what I feel but I hope that my musings can help others believe that we cancer ninjas, and our families and friends, must never give up hope. We still have lives to live and enjoy. Stay strong. Eamonn.


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