I told you it’d be good – in more ways than one.

The spaceship had been damaged by a meteor shower on its journey across the universe. The Alien pilot was fighting with the controls and realised he’d have to make an emergency landing on the forbidden planet, inhabited by war-like and unpredictable humans. Where to land? The thruster jets were damaged so it was going to be hit and miss. ‘Mainly hit’ he thought, as he steeled himself for impact, ‘I hope I’ve got a repair kit in the boot’.
The next thing he knew was the incessant screaming of multiple system alarms filling every one of his six ears, punctuated by a strange voice coming from outside the stricken ship. “Give yourself up,” it hollered. He peered out of the broken control-room window to see dozens of soldiers, guns trained directly at him. “Surrender, or we fire,” shouted the voice insistently.
The Alien opened the battered door and walked down the outstretched platform towards the soldiers, gamma-ray gun pointing downwards but ready to use. The soldiers took no chances, advancing with bayonets fixed. The Alien’s internal scanners focused on the pointed steel daggers, analysing the sharp tips and warning that ‘this might hurt a bit’. He didn’t come in peace. He raised his ray gun, pointing it directly at the nearest soldier, and was about to fire when….
…..And then I woke up.
What could it mean? This was not my usual night-time somnambulistic meanderings (eh? eh? Not bad for a beginner). Then it dawned on me; someone coming at the Alien with a sharp weapon in their hand. It must be because this was another week of injections for me: blood test one day, my 9th chemo the next, rounded off with another jab in the bum for my hormone injection. It could have been a pain in so many ways but these things are necessary and are all keeping me going, so no complaints here, especially as the blood test results showed that my PSA level has come down – now 71. Only 3 down from my last chemo but down is down. My bones don’t ache as much as they were over the summer, so I think the Denosumab injection is working. Now if they could just find the results of my MRI scan from a couple of months ago, it’d be peachy.
So the dream wasn’t just science fiction, it was about kicking an alien’s butt – The Alien Inside.

4 thoughts on “I told you it’d be good – in more ways than one.

  1. Ian Rolison September 24, 2018 / 6:06 pm

    Where on earth, or in another galaxy, is Dr Leonard H, ‘Bones’ McCoy of the USS Enterprise when he is wanted? Get him here. Now is not the time to be AWOL or to find an imposter masquerading as the Real Dr L. H. McCoy. You are wanted on the bridge, man, and I mean now!

    BTW I wonder if you could explain your PSA reading because my pal from the Eng dept at Upp, who has just begun his treatment and has opted for radiology rather than surgery because of artificial hips and an MRSA infection he got when the first one was fitted, talks in terms of a PSA reading of 4 decimal point something, i think, whereas your score is faintly reminiscent of one one of my three dart finishes (on a good night)! Are you just too lazy and have dispensed with the decimal place or is this some sort of oncology bingo you are playing….

    I had my test but forgot or have not plucked up the courage to ring up to get the results…..and they haven’t contacted me….

    Go well old friend


    PS Have you read the History Boys yet?


    • yourenotputtingthatupthere September 25, 2018 / 10:10 am

      Roly, unfortunately I have no need of decimal places but the PSA level is a funny old thing (he says wryly). Now, as anyone who knows me will testify, I’m no medical expert but, as I understand it, ‘normal’ level is 0-4 or thereabouts. This is the level at which a decimal point is useful.
      However, for me a decimal point is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It seems that different people react differently to what may be going on (or not) with their prostate. Because of this the PSA count can vary widely from person to person. My oncologist tells me he’s treated people with a PSA count into the hundreds. The number Is not a definite but indicates whether treatment may be needed and/or how it’s doing. So a decrease is good news.
      BTW, when are the Cardiff old(er) boys getting together again?


  2. Ian Rolison September 29, 2018 / 4:47 pm

    Eamonn There was soem talk of an october date round about 22nd but i haven’t heard anything from anyone since Roger Espley published the news that he was going to be seated all afternoon in some boozer in the city about August time. Did anyone turn up? roli


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