“So you have just been lying on your back then?”

The short answer is ‘Yes’. But having to lie on my back for two weeks, only being allowed to get up to go to the toilet (thank goodness for that), and spending my time counting the ceiling tiles was no fun. I was in hospital for radiotherapy on my back. Five sessions, each involving 2 zaps: one at the base of my spine and another further up, as the tumours have worked their way up my back. The sessions should have taken a total of five days in hospital, but what with week-ends and the bank holiday I was in for a fortnight.
It was all a bit of a surprise really, as I was only due to pick up some pills from one hospital but was then told to go to another hospital for an MRI scan. The results were not good, “worst case scenario” (don’t you just love some doctors’ bedside manner?); hurried discussions between radiographers and the plan was laid; 5 sessions of radiotherapy.
“Then what happened?”

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