“Then what happened?” (2)

Eventually I was discharged, with ‘Delilah’ still ringing in my ears. As always seems to be the case, I’m up early to escape as soon as possible, with Anne and Victoria ensuring the getaway car is ready outside but it’s hours before I’m released. The issue is always to do with my pills, with the pharmacy ensuring I don’t run off with a stash of pills I’m not entitled to.
Back at home a rest would have been nice because no-one goes to hospital for a rest. However, the next day I was back at my GP’s having my re-scheduled hormone injection before being driven to the dentist to look at the hole in my tooth. “It will have to come out. I can fit you in next week.”
The consultation with my oncologist 2 days later was back to the old routine of me explaining to him what had happened and making sure he followed the ‘suggestions’ of my second opinion hospital to order more scans. I’d had the MRI scan, which led to my radiotherapy treatment. They’d also suggested a bone scan, so I made sure my oncologist had ordered one. Oh, and my PSA had ballooned to 229.
“Then what happened?” (3)

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