“Then what happened?” (3)

It was time to say goodbye to the tooth, ‘extraction day’. In the event it was straightforward: an injection, a countdown while my lips went all ‘wubberwy’, a strong tug and there it was …..gone.
Away from teeth, my latest bloods revealed some good news and some not so good news. The good news was that my PSA had reduced to 186 (hurrah), the not so good news was that my calcium level was way too high and needed attention (oops). No-one had seemed to pay any attention to my calcium level up to this point but now it was deemed important and needed urgent attention.
An appointment was quickly found for me only three days ahead. The treatment involved an infusion of Disodium Pomidronate (no, me neither). This meant me lying in the chemo chair for 4 hours being pumped full of this stuff. As with all my treatments, there were potential side effects. I must admit that usually I ignored reading them as they all say I’ll feel tired and nauseous. This time I should have taken notice as, over the following week-end, my hands went into spasms, I kept falling off to sleep with no notice and talking jibberish (“sorry, I hadn’t noticed”). It finally took me breaking a glass on the floor before I gave in and went to bed.
“Then what happened?” (4)

One thought on ““Then what happened?” (3)

  1. Ian Rolison July 4, 2019 / 8:11 pm

    what to say Eamonn other than it all sounds bloody and I am unrelentingly on your side.


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