“Then what happened?” (4)

The date for my bone scan came through before the Disodium Pamidronate infusion. Seems my oncologist did finally order one and, again, it came through quickly. The bone scan is the fun one where they inject me with a very small amount of a radioactive drug, wait for 3 hours, then scan to see if the cancer has spread within the bones and also to any organs. Hopefully I’ll get the results at my next consultation.
Before each of these procedures I’m giving blood to be analysed and checked for any abnormalities. We’ve seen how many have shown up already over the last few weeks; this time my bloods showed that my haemoglobin level was too low.
Here we go again, yet another blood transfusion and another 5 hours sitting in the chemo chair at my local oncology centre in order to increase my energy levels. However, I’m grateful that my bloods are now being scrutinised closely and between me and my family we’ve managed to push my oncologist into a greater sense of urgency. He himself is more pro-active, analyses seem quicker, appointments are sooner, varied treatments are provided as soon as possible and I now feel like everyone else has the same view as me – that I’ll keep fighting for as long as it takes.
“Then what happened?” (5)
“We’ll see!”

2 thoughts on ““Then what happened?” (4)

  1. Mary Cawley July 5, 2019 / 3:09 pm

    That’s some spirit you have Eamonn! Proud of you so much. Your story and the way you transfer it into words is amazing! So long as you’re comfortable and pain free as much as possible- which I’m sure can be difficult to achieve. I’ll be looking out for the next instalment! Love you very much Eamonn Geaney !! Xxx


  2. Susan July 5, 2019 / 8:17 pm

    Just you keep on fighting! We are all behind you and have faith in a good outcome soon. Love you all to bits 😘


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