I’m 63 years old with a lovely wife and two beautiful grown-up daughters. I’m forcibly retired, having been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in January 2017.

My almost 40-year career was in IT sales and consultancy, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which took me to many diverse countries, including China, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the US, many of which I wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

I don’t believe my lifestyle was excessively sedentary, with pursuits including walking and skiing, yet the aggressive speed of my disease surprised me and, I believe, my doctors, who keep saying I’m young to have advanced prostate cancer.

My family have been wonderful, staying optimistic and keeping me positive: our house is still full of laughter and plans for the future.

I’ve tried to keep myself busy between the operation and chemo cycles. I wrote a book “Friends in High Places” available on Amazon books. I’ve also designed a range of T shirts, i-pad and i-pod covers, mugs etc. available on ‘redbubble.com’ under the ‘AlcoTops’ brand name.

As you read this blog, please think about your own lifestyle and any long-term aches and pains that should really be checked out. Go do it: early diagnosis could help reduce the appalling prostate cancer death rate.